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TAMA BULSARA is Cyrille Lefèvre, illustrator and graphic designer.
_I work on various supports with several technics : painting, drawing, computing, modeling, sewing, skilscreening dogs, unicornes and many other animals and weird people.
_I create tee-shirts and other textile stuff for men, women and children.
_I have illustrated a children's book, been printed in magazines, in independant edited books.
_I have a permanent workshop at the MJC of the Three Houses in Nancy. _les Trois Huit
_I have had a close collaboration with ' My Monkey ' (contemporary art gallery based in Nancy, 54, east coast, France).
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_Tama Bulsara est membre des _Trois Huit, des _Ateliers des Sœurs Macarons et de l'_association A
membre de la _galerie My Monkey de 2004 à 2011

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